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Introduction – Hanoi Open University


intro 1Hanoi Open University (HOU) is a public university, which is received the task of State and Communist Party to create the new model “open education”, with the mission: “Open learning opportunities for people with good quality, serving diverse learning needs for various types of training, multi-disciplinary, multi-level, meet the requirements of national construction and international integration.”Initially, the University operated with four faculties, three departments and two centers. However, Hanoi Open University has now become a reliable training institution with 12 training faculties, seven functional departments and ten research centerswhich are in charge of studying and applying training technologies as well as directly conducting local and international affiliated programs

To meet the requirements of the labor market, HOU has opened many new training fields. Currently, HOU has established 12 faculties with 16 specialities for Undergraduate level and five specilities for Masters level. HOU has attractted nearly 2,000 teachers, professors, doctors to attend training for students

intro 2 Currently, Hanoi Open University is applying various forms of education and training: distance, regular (face-to-face), in-service, etc. at different levels from, college, university, post-graduate, and transfer programs (junior college – college – university). Thanks to the diversification of training modes and occupations, Hanoi Open University has ‘opened’ learning opportunities, even long-term opportunities, to all people, especially to those who are working with limited time or living in remote areas, etc. where their learning conditions are full of difficulties. Moreover, Hanoi Open University also pays attention to strengthening cooperation and affiliated programs with local and foreign educational institutions. In order to develop various forms of distance education and in-service education, the University has been cooperating with numerous mass- media companies including Radio-the Voice of Vietnam, Vietnam Television, and Hanoi Radio and Television to promote the distance learning, and collaborating closely and effectively with more than one hundred universities, colleges, centers for continuing education and vocational centers nationwide. At present, the number of students is over 50 thousand people, including up to 60% in the form of distance education and e-learning extending from Lang Son, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, etc. in the North to Gia Lai (Pleiku) and Da Lat (Lam Dong), and Ho Chi Minh city in the South. With regard to international cooperation, Hanoi Open University has become a member of the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) and has taken part in numerous scientific research and training programs with many international organizations, open universities, distance universities, and radio-television universities in many countries in the region and over the world as well.

After more than 20 years of construction and development, especially recent 05 years, Hanoi Open University has affirmed the role and position as well as the success in the national education system, is considered as “the pioneer” in the implementation of the “Open Education” under the motto of continuously innovating technology in distance learning, developing the scale of education that associated with improving the quality of education, ensuring top standards to meet social needs. Construction the standard that is suitable with the Open University model in the region and the world.

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 Orientation for development

  • To apply open education models and take a shift into credit training.
  • To improve the contents of training programs and training technologies, and open more specialities to satisfy the demands of the society.
  • To innovate training technologies by applying IT and telecommunication technologies for all training levels, and to develop distance learning technologies with unique features of Hanoi Open University
  •  To expand cooperative activities with local and international universities so as to grasp and share experience, improve training quality and raise the position of Hanoi University.
  • To develop traditional relationships with Open Universities in the region with numerous cooperative forms: information exchange, scientific research, teaching workshops, conferences and meetings.
  •  To promote the roles of Hanoi Open University in the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU).

Vision & Mission

 “Open learning opportunities for people with good quality, serving diverse learning needs for various types of training, multi-disciplinary, multi-level, meet the requirements of national construction and international integration”

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